Pigment Printing Thickener YX-611



YX-611 Thickener for pigment printing is an anionic acrylic polymer, serving as printing carrier in coating printing on textiles. YX-611 can be equal with PTF thickener in performance, but its price is more competitive than that of PTF.


Component:                     acrylic polymers / polyacrylate emulsion 

Appearance:                     Milky white viscous liquid.

Ionicity:                              Anion

Solid Content:               36±2%

Ph Value(25℃):     7±0.5

PVI Value:                        0.5  


  1. High quality concentrated thickener, about 3%.
  2. Good fluidness, easy to mix with other water-based materials.
  3. Strong water cohesive and thickening capability under high-speed stirring.
  4. Good color yield, sharp definition and soft hand feeling.
  5. Applicable also in bringing better thickening effect to rubber paste, transparent paste, color-printing paste, if consistency is not high enough.
  6. Bring thickening effect to printing paste, and the prepared paste can mix with all kinds of oil-covering water-based paste.


Formula for printing paste


Percentage %






10% -15%


Pigment color paste







  1. According tothe practical application requirements, pigment color paste, the printing machine type, the printing factories can adjust the dosage of pigment printing thickener YX-611.
  2. Actual dosage of reactive thickener for practical use is about 3%for flat screenprinting, 2.5% for rotary printing.


3%-4%, depending on the binder, pigment paste and other additives used together and appropriate viscosity normally required for printing.


50KGS, 125KGS net in plastic barrel.


  1. Quality guarantee period: ONE year after delivery.
  2. Keep away from water during storage.
  3. Please stir well before use.
  4. 4. Thisis environmentally friendly, non-toxic and pollution-freeproduct. Comply with general chemical handling rules when storing, transporting and using.
  5. 5. Store in a cool and ventilated place. The appearance will become thicker when the temperature drops, but it wouldnot affect the use.
  6. The technical data ascertained by our quality control laboratory at the time of productrelease may vary according to storage time and storage conditions and may deviate fromthe stated limits.