Disperse Dyes Printing Thickener YX-903



Disperse Dyes Printing Thickener YX-903 is anionic acrylic polymer, serving as coloring carrier in fabric printing with dispersive dyes on polyester or polyester blended fabrics. Usually, it can take the place of other kinds of dispersive thickener, like CMT, CMC and CMS at much lower cost.


Component:                     acrylic polymers / polyacrylate emulsion 

Appearance:                     Milky white viscous liquid.

Ionicity:                               Anion

Solid Content:                 36±2%

Ph Value(25℃):       7±0.5

PVI Value:                          0.5


  1. Easy for preparation, high rate of paste forming, then saving time.
  2.  Ideal coloryield and brightness., save more than 20% disperse dyesthan CMT, CMC.
  3. Excellentwash-off property, hence get soft hand feeling.
  4. Suitable different printing technique onflat screenand rotary screen, roller 
  5. Sharpprint outlineeven printing on polyester woven fabric.
  6. Excellent levelling and uniformity.
  7. Free from screen choking problem.
  8. Eco-friendly product.


Preparation of printing paste


Percentage %











Disperse dyes



Suitable printing machine

Rotary screen printing

Flat screen printing


  1. According tothe practical application requirements, reactive dyes, the printing machine type, the printing factories can adjust the dosage of stock paste or YX-903.
  2. The dosageof urea is accord with fabric fiber type and process of the factory.
  3. Actual dosage of reactive thickener for practical use is about 2.8%-3% for flat screenprinting, 2.0%-2.5% for rotary screen printing.

Washing Process

  1. 1.2g/Lglacial acetic acidfor cold water desizing.
  2. 2g/L active anti-staining soap, 80℃-100℃ reactive.
  3. Cold water washing.


60KGS, 130KGS net in plastic barrel.


  1. Quality guarantee period: ONE year after delivery.
  2. Keep away from water during storage.
  3. Please stir well before use.
  4. Thisis environmentally friendly, non-toxic and pollution-freeproduct. Comply with general chemical handling rules when storing, transporting and using.
  5. Store in a cool and ventilated place. The appearance will become thicker when the temperature drops, but it wouldnot affect the use.