Company introduction

Guangzhou USIN Chemicals Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sale of environmentally friendly water-based printing auxiliaries and water-based construction chemicals. Our production base, is located in Yingde Industrial Park, Qingyuan City, with an annual output of 15,000 tons. The factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters and has a research and development center. The spacious and bright production workshop is equipped with complete firefighting facilities and a beautiful environment.

Our core products are textile printing thickener, printing binder, pigment printing paste, printing emulsifier, printing nature gum (Tamarind and guar gum powder), glitter paste, white glue, foaming agent, and water-based construction chemicals. We are a well-known printing auxiliary supplier, domestic and abroad. Our water-based thickeners can be applied to many industries and fields such as textile printing, daily chemicals, and building material areas. Special functional monomers are long-chain acrylates and methacrylates, which are widely used in petrochemicals. (crude oil viscosity reducer and pour point depressant, lubricating oil antifreeze), ink, paint, paint, synthetic resin, photographic materials, as well as textile auxiliaries, daily chemicals, leather auxiliaries, rubber auxiliaries, paper Synthesis of additives.

The company has an R&D and technical service team with both ability and political integrity. The senior technical service engineers assist customers in providing suggestions or opinions on formula improvement, new material application, energy-saving, and consumption reduction, and provide customers with long-term high-quality technical services. Over the years, the company has been based on the market, providing customers with excellent products and technical consulting services, taking the success of customers as the glory of the company, the product is energy-saving and environmentally friendly for the purpose of win-win, and won the praise of customers.

In the future, we will continue to provide customers with reliable products and technical services. Our dream is to become a world-class supplier of printing and dyeing auxiliaries.

Factory Laboratory

1. Strong technology and guaranteed product quality

-- 13 years of professional printing auxiliaries’ production experience -- Stable product quality, passed SGS test, safe and pollution-free

2. Factory modern production, 5S management mode

-- Modern equipment production, precise control and strict implementation of 5S management system -- Products from raw materials to semi-finished products and finished products must be strictly tested, and each batch of products must meet the various indicators before leaving the factory.

3. Experienced R & D team, continuous innovation

-- 5 industry experienced application engineers to solve application problems -- According to the development needs of the industry, continuous innovation, continuous research and development, to meet customer needs, and help customers stay ahead of their peers

4. Manufacturers supply, good quality with good price

-- Manufacturers supply directly and sell at wholesale prices, which can directly saves costs and improves profits for customers -- Provide stable performance products as always. High-speed dispersing thickener, low consumption and excellent fluidity

5. Perfect pre-sales and after-sales service, so that customers have no worries

-- Free sample, intimate service, provide perfect solution. Our staff would follow up one-to-one order -- If there is any abnormality in the production process of the customer, the after-sales technical engineer will respond within 24 hours to solve the problem for the customer