Acid Printing Thickener YX-616T



YX-616T is a high-concentration, high-quality acid printing thickener is a polymer of acrylic monomers, is an anionic synthetic thickener, suitable for acid printing.


Component:                     acrylic polymers / polyacrylate emulsion 

Appearance:                     Milky white viscous liquid.

Ionicity:                               Anion

Solid Content:                 70±2%

Ph Value(25℃):       7±0.5

PVI Value:                          0.5


  1. High quality concentrated thickener. Low using dosage (1.2% – 1.5%).
  2. Printing paste preparation is easy and rapid.
  3. Ideal coverage, excellent brightness, and superior color valuewith soft hand feeling.
  4. Excellent anti-electrolyte property and water-absorbing quality, with clear printing outline,
  5. Excellent leveling and uniformity, Free from screen choking problem. Compatible with natural thickener and acid dyes.
  6. Eco-friendly product. During the preparation and printing process, YX-PTG does not release hazardous vapors of solvents to the environment.


1.2%-1.5%, depending on the acid dyes and other additives used together and appropriate viscosity normally required for printing.


60KGS, 130KGS net in plastic barrel.


  1. Quality guarantee period: ONE year after delivery.
  2. Keep away from water during storage.
  3. Please stir well before use.
  4. Thisis environmentally friendly, non-toxic and pollution-freeproduct. Comply with general chemical handling rules when storing, transporting and using.
  5. Store in a cool and ventilated place. The appearance will become thicker when the temperature drops, but it wouldnot affect the use.